Automated Customer Service: Pros, Cons and Best Practices

What is Customer Support Automation?

advantages of automated customer service

But this time, the risk is even greater, since it’s so much easier to cancel, tell friends about your unhelpful support, or both. B2C companies can get their ROAR up to 10-20%, since many of their questions are far more transactional in nature and thus are more easily resolved by automation. We’ve seen customers for whom Resolution Bot resolves 33% of the queries it gets involved in and improves customer response time by 44%. Armed with this type of intelligent self-serve support, you can provide faster resolutions for your customers and reduce customer inquiries for your team – without sacrificing a great experience.

advantages of automated customer service

Make sure the software you use has all of the features you need and matches your business. Remember to try the platform out on a free trial and see how you feel about it before committing to a subscription. You can set up automatic replies for common questions and a queue system to let customers know how long they have to wait for support. An automated call center decreases the number of clients on hold and improves customer satisfaction with your support services.

Automated customer service: Support your customers more efficiently and effectively

A knowledge base is a centralized repository of information in automated customer service software. It contains frequently asked questions, product details, troubleshooting guides, and other resources. The knowledge base is organized and searchable, making it easy for customers and agents to find the information they need.

advantages of automated customer service

These systems can track customer preferences, purchase history, and interactions to deliver tailored responses and recommendations. With automation features such as a self-service knowledge base and chatbots, your support team can handle more requests, complaints, as well as customer queries. You can even handle customers that come from different time zones and make sure reliable assistance is available round the clock. On the other hand, that same lack of human resources means there’s no human for customers to fall back on. Customers are still very much aware they’re chatting to a machine, not a human.

Cut the costs and enhance the human touch

Audit your knowledge base content regularly to ensure it is accurate and comprehensive. Add video instead of text where it makes sense, and include screenshots and other illustrations into text-based material. It may need technical expertise to develop and integrate into your business process. Your employees are most likely going to need training on using automation solutions.

As you determine the best way to incorporate your software into your company’s workflow, keep in mind that it should be powerful enough to keep pace with changes. Automating customer service increases productivity, builds customer loyalty, and grows profits. The solution is to automate only those tasks that are best suited for automation, and scale up as you reach first positive results.

Why use customer service automation for your business

And if the shopper has a complex issue inquiry that chatbots can’t handle, the client can leave their contact information for the representative to get in touch with them first thing in the morning. That’s alright—customer service automation can be the answer to your worries. When we talk about chatbots at Groove, we’re again talking about the opportunity to automate interactions, so that the humans can focus on higher-value chats. From the outside in, customers don’t want to use mystic software systems to “open a ticket.” They want to use what they know and like—be it email, social, chat, or the phone. As your business grows, it gets harder to not only stay on top of email, but the multiplicity of communication channels in which your customers live and breath.

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When integrated with an intuitive ticketing software and CRM, Zendesk’s automated customer service software will transform your customer experience overnight. So your frustrated customer turns to the phone line and is greeted with an IVR menu. After working their way through advantages of automated customer service the phone menu, they finally get to a human representative who is able to fix their issue. The problem was resolved, but only after a lengthy and frustrating journey for the customer—one which could have been avoided with a more powerful automated customer service platform.

For example, chatbots can determine purchase history and automatically offer relevant recommendations. Automated service doesn’t usually happen in a silo — most effective customer experience systems provide multiple routes to automation and integrate with CRMs and other databases. This way, data is stored in a centralized location and easily accessible for analytics and reports. Low-code platforms are designed to be accessible to both tech-savvy developers and those with less technical knowledge. This opens up the opportunity for greater collaboration between different teams within a business.

  • For a larger corporation, it’s all about scaling customer service resources to meet demand.
  • The use of AI technologies is helping businesses automate and deliver seamless customer support.
  • If you can anticipate customer concerns before they occur, you can provide proactive support to make the process easier.
  • Monitor your automated customer service by collecting as much data as you can and auditing it frequently.
  • Response rates from shoppers might be low, gathering data may be time-consuming, and deciding on the best steps to take can feel like a shot in the dark.

You can automate your CRM to send them an email a month or two after not visiting your ecommerce. Proactive customer service can go a long way and win you back an otherwise lost client. But when you have a business, your representatives’ errors can lose you customers and decrease the trust shoppers put in your business.

What do we mean when we speak of automated customer support?

Statistics show that 89% of US customers expect brands to have a self-service portal. But also, customer reviews can increase the trustworthiness of your website and improve your brand image. So you should provide your shoppers with a chance to leave feedback and reviews after their customer service interaction and after a completed purchase. Once you install the platform, your customer service reps will be able to have a preview of your website visitors, your customer’s data, and order history. And representatives who have more insights about the client can provide better support. Automation can only handle simple tasks, such as answering frequently asked questions, sending email campaigns to your leads, and operating according to the set rules.

advantages of automated customer service

Now that we have discussed the best practices, let’s look at some of the common mistakes you need to avoid when automating customer service. Your canned responses for email, chat, and SMS should not sound robotic. You must create canned response templates for different situations and encourage agents to make necessary tweaks to add a healthy dose of personalization.

How to choose the right automated customer support system

Start-ups and growing businesses—even small businesses—can now employ AI technology to improve daily operations and connect with their customers. The real problem with customer support automation lies with an over-reliance on technology to do the jobs best left for real, live people. When your team comes back into the office, a support representative contacts your customer.

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